Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iPad Mini: A Few Educated Guesses and A Simple Wish list

Apple hasn’t spoken a word about any device called iPad mini, and even when it does release a smaller tablet, it’s bound to be named differently. However, the market for mini-tablets is huge, and Apple knows that more people would buy Apple products, if they could only afford it. A case in point is the tremendous sales boost that iPad 2 got when Apple reduced its price at the time the new iPad was released. While Apple hasn’t said something like, “coming soon: iPad mini,” the smart mobile industry is rife with rumors about a smaller version of the iPad.

Is iPad Mini Coming Soon? Is it Official News?

Apple has not breathed a word about the production or launch of smaller tablet. But considering the fact that Amazon and Android mini-tablets are doing well in the market, Apple would be compelled to enter the fray. Steve Jobs was adamant in his denial of building a mini-tablet, but the new CEO may not be averse to the idea. There are several photographs on the Internet that are purportedly leaked images of the iPad mini. If Apple does release a mini iPad, it would be reacting to the competition instead of creating a new device like it always does.

iPad Mini Specs and Features: An Educated Guess

Many market analysts speculate that iPad mini is coming soon. If Apple does release it, we will have it a month or two before Christmas. While the real features and specs will be available only once Apple officially releases them, industry experts suggest that iPad mini will have the following specs:

1. Screen Slightly bigger than 7”

While most mini-tablets come with seven-inch screen, it is said that the mini iPad will have a screen area of 7.85 inches. This screen will be substantially smaller than the iPad screen, but it will be more than twice as big as the iPhone screen.

2. High Screen Resolution

While it is unlikely that iPad mini will have the same resolution as the new iPad, rumors say that it will have 1024X768 screen resolution. This resolution will allow iPad apps to work perfectly on the iPad mini.

3. Camera

Leaked images of iPad mini shell suggest the mini iPad will have the main camera in the same position as iPad does. However, there have been rumors that Apple may place the camera in the centre of the mini tablet.

4. New Dock Connector

The current iPhone 5 has an 8pin connector while some other Apple devices have 30pin connectors. It is expected the new iPad will come equipped with a 19pin dock connector.

A Wish List of Features

Apart from the usual features, can we expect Apple to offer something special with the mini tablet? While iPad mini is coming soon (or so it is rumored), we aren’t yet sure of all the features. Before reality asserts itself, let’s dream of some amazing features in iPad mini.

1. Long battery life

Mini tablets should have a good battery life as they serve as daily companions and travel accessories. If iPad mini has a battery that lasts the whole day, that’d be great. It should have a battery that lasts for at least 7 hours.

2. 4G LTE If the mini iPad doesn’t have instant Internet connectivity, it won’t be much fun. If it depends on Wi-Fi, people may not be that interested in the device.

3. NFC

Many other mini tablets come equipped with NFC. While Apple’s not using NFC in iPhone 5 suggests that the company is not betting on NFC, we’d still like to see this or similar technology in the mini iPad.

4. Retina Display

The rumored 1024X768 screen resolution doesn’t sound very exciting. This resolution is not nearly good enough as iPhone or iPad. In order to ensure that iPad mini is more than just a second cousin to other Apple devices, it should be given a powerful retina display.

5. Slim and Light

Most mini tablets in the market are very thin and light. While the new iPad is pretty thin and light for a large tablet, the mini iPad will need to be a lot lighter and thinner in order to be portable.

Well, we’ll not need to wait too long to see what this new mini tablet offers. After all, if all the rumors are to be believed, iPad mini is coming soon!